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The World's Best Calling Card

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Image having a calling card that can do the following:
- Disguise your voice
- Change your caller ID
- Add sounds
- Record the call

Yeah that would be cool, wouldn't it? Well it does exist. It is called SpoofCard. It is the coolest phone card in the world! You can display any number on the caller ID!

Fake The Caller ID With SpoofCard! They’ll never know it was you! Pick a new fake number before you call. They’ll see the new number instead of yours. They’ll pick up thinking you’re someone else!

Change Your Voice... They will be saying "who was that?!" Adjust one setting and you’ll instantly change your voice to sound way different. You’ll fool your friends and family into thinking you’re another person

Need to call your wife and tell her you are stuck in traffic? Easy. You can make it more realistic! Your spoof call can sound like it's coming from a nightclub, or in traffic, This service has you covered because you can add background ambient sound!

Have any number appear on the caller ID! Free voice changer and call recording!

Get the proof you need! Need to catch a friend admitting they owe you money? Record your calls to keep backups of all your conversations!

So if you want to try this out, do it now it’s fun and affordable to spoof your friends. Use their awesome mobile apps or start spoofing with a normal phone. SpoofCard Caller ID spoofing calling card. Free trial!


I would give it a 10 but you might find yourself finding reasons to use it since the practical application are pretty wide scope

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