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Washington D.C. August 2007

So we are driving down to D.C. Throughout Pennsylvania where there are some lovely landscape, but also many unforeseen twists and turns.

So we stopped for a break to enjoy the scenery. Alex, myself and Helen and Thomas were the adventurers. They are AKA Moose and Moosette. 

YUP!! It's true we have nick names too. We are RED HOT and COOL BLUE. But we gave ourselves those nicknames since we are vain like that.

We were determined to get there, and at these speeds there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Ready. Set. Go. Washington D.C.

First stop the Canadian Embassy. We needed to know where it was, just in case... well you never know, with all these spies lurking in D.C. And just look at that security barrier. Step aside Fort Knox, the Canadians will show you how it is done.

"I am lost anyone know where all those big glass triangles on the floor are?"

"What is that?... Is that the US Capitol Building?!"

"No guys, it's me Alex!!"

Those who fought in the Civil War thought they had it bad. Thomas and I brought our ladies on this trip and this picture is worth 3 words.

"Ohhh" Cruel but funny. Right girls?

Ah well, we all get along just fine.

On a side note: If we were a KitKat bar, how hard would it be to get to the middle without going through the outside first? VERY.  

King of the (Capitol) Hill

Just some photoshop fun

Me and the Washington Monument

Penis envy of the American...is only natural

Washington Monument at Sunset

(Past 3 images) A cool streetscape I did some photo shop work around

The White House. Story time. So I pretended to press the buzzer and started saying "Can I make an appointment with Double You". (As in George W. Bush)  Startled, someone answered anyway "Can I help you?" And I raise my hands up in surrender and walked away. A true story.

Well at least they found it funny.


Anyway, when you got to go and you spot one of these bad boys, its like hitting that royal flush indeed. King George is not the only one that can sit on a thrown in Washington.

Department of Treasury

Iwo Jima - The Marine Corps War Memorial

Arlington Cemetery

John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy Tombs 


Is it worth the price of freedom?!

Ask the Pentagon, they probably know. We only saw it from the highway. It is the world's largest office building.

At the National Air and Space Museum http://www.nasm.si.edu/. It's free and really cool

Alexandra showing off her flying skills

Lincoln Memorial

Inside the Lincoln Memorial

My man Lincoln himself

Just some photo shop fun.

My sexy girlfriend

My sexy girlfriend

Hey! You like to look?

Well it was getting dark and the spies were coming out. So we wanted to head out for dinner.

Luigino! Now this is my kind of restaurant.

Instead we went to Capitol City Brewing Company CapCityBrew.com Something just drew us there. Cool thing is you can only buy beer that they brew there, no brands.


The sun and fun must go down, even on the best of days. So long to DC.

Next stop Virginia Beach

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